AI Prime 16HD FUGE Aquarium LED – Aqua Illumination


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AI Prime 16HD Fuge Aquarium LED – Aqua Illumination

The main driver of primary production in most ecosystems is photosynthesis. Plants, starting from miniscule phytoplankton to hulking mangroves, perform the majority of photosynthesis in most ecosystems.

Since each plant species is tailored to the actual light conditions of its natural habitat, growth rates are highest under specific sorts of illumination. Very different lighting is required in several applications.

To obtain optimal health and yield, artificial lighting should meet these criteria as closely as possible. a man-made lighting system must even be sufficiently intense. Perhaps most significantly , it should also generate the proper balance of sunshine wavelength.

The AI Fuge Light is specially designed for excellent performance and controllability in planted refugium applications. Where very bright light must undergo deep waters or shady plant canopies, and therefore the spectral output should be as fitting for plants/algae as possible, the AI Fuge refugium grow light excels.


The myAI® app will connect through your phone to the AI LED using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) so as to setup and program schedules and settings.


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