Aqua Illumination NERO 5


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Aqua Illumination NERO 5

Small, Powerful, and Smart!

Aqua Illumination’s Nero 5 creates an adjustable broad flow that’s strong but gentle at an equivalent time. Traditional propeller designs produce a tough stream which will irritate corals where the Nero 5’s innovative propeller pushes water during a wide pattern which will move foods, detritus, or other free-floating particles around without blasting corals directly. Powerheads have many various uses around a reef tank, but the most goal is to supply enough flow to stay low-flow spots from forming in your tank and help elevate detritus to be sucked into the filtration. With BlueTooth LE technology you’ll set the pump up into different modes, or create a daily schedule to vary the flow up throughout the day.

Whisper Quiet
Compact Design
Broad Flow


Now with BlueTooth LE, hook up with your pumps faster with a extended range and unlocks a bunch of features, but mostly allows you to skip the entire process of making a wireless network to interface through. Now with the Aqua Illumination Nero 5, open the MyAi App, choose a mode, and control the flow in your aquarium. Different flow modes allow you to choose what’s right for your corals and fish. a few notable modes are the Random and Schedule modes, create a full-blown daily schedule that cycles through different modes and settings throughout the day, or let the Nero 5 randomize itself with the Random mode. The included controller only has one button but is extremely powerful and if you are doing not want to regulate the pump through a sensible device don’t be concerned , pressing or holding the button for various lengths of your time can change the speed, mode, or turn the pump off or on without having to access any additional control interfaces.

Flow Modes:

Random – Keep your tank guessing with the random flow mode. The Nero 5 will randomly change its flow throughout the day creating natural water movement throughout your reef tank.
Pulse – Creating a stationary wave are often through with the Nero 5 in Pulse Mode. the heart beat interval are often changed to harmonize together with your aquarium, along side the max flow . Having a wave can cause additional stress on your aquarium, but may be a great method for lifting settled detritus from hard to succeed in areas.
Constant – Set it and forget it! Just set the acceptable flow and therefore the Nero 5 will keep flowing at that speed until you modify the mode or flow.
Schedule – Create a schedule which will utilize multiple different flow modes. With the MyAi app creating a schedule for your flow is straightforward and may be wiped out minutes!
Feed – If you target feed, having a pump with feed mode may be a requirement. Just hold the driving force button for 2-5 seconds to place the Nero 5 into feed mode for 10 minutes.
All-Off – close up your pump whenever you would like with full control over once they turn back on. Just hold the driving force button for six or more seconds to show the pump off. Touching the button again will restart the pump.

Magnetic Mounting

Mounting the Nero 5 only takes a moment and with the included magnetic mounting system moving the pump around only takes a second. Giving around 15° of movement, you’ll angle the Nero 5 to direct flow in your aquarium where you would like it. The two-part mounting system incorporates an inner magnet and an outer magnet which will couple together through 1/2″ of glass or less, and therefore the pump then sits into the beveled inner magnet for an isolated and quiet mounting system.


Max Flow – 3000 GPH

Max Glass Thickness – 1/2″

Dimensions (wetside) – 2.1″ x 2.8″

Power Consumption – (variable) 30W @ 120VAC max

What’s Included?

1x Nero 5 Powerhead

1x Nero 5 Controller

1x Magnet Mounting System

1x Power Supply

1x Instruction Set


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