Aquarium Systems A la Carte – Green Nori Seaweed


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Aquarium Systems A la Carte – Green Nori Seaweed

A la Carte – Green Nori Seaweed

The “A la Carte” algae range comprises variety of sorts of algae, all of which are selected and harvested consistent with a sustainable development charter with a view to protecting natural resources and therefore the environment. The algae are harvested by a producer in Brittany on a Natura 2000 listed site, a guarantee of the standard of the water and, by extension, the standard of the algae. “A la Carte” algae are harvested largely by hand by seaweed gatherers on the foreshore at low water . they’re then shipped to the location , washed and dried within 24 hours, then packaged.

Feed “A la Carte” daily as a part of a diet consisting to other food sources. Seaweed strips could also be fed pre-soaked in aquarium water or in liquid feed supplement for further enrichment. The strips also can be fed dry.

Feeding instructions: Break off alittle strip (7 cm) of seaweed for a mean 150 litre community aquarium – Secure the strip within the tank with an “A la Carte Clip” – if there’s uneaten food within the aquarium after a couple of hours, remove it.

100% natural, excellent source of Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E, also as Iron, Iodine, Potassium and Trace Elements.


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