Aquazonic Spectra Reef Led 150cm


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Aquazonic Spectra Reef Led 150cm


Corals Spec’ed. Spectra Reef provides the spectrum and face value required for optimal corals growth, health and fluorescence.
Miracle Spectrum. Unique technology that instantly enhances your fishes by giving a singular shine and colour depth on the scales.
Brightness Control. Adjust the brightness according to your aquarium needs.
Full LEDs. Lower energy consumption, low heat emission and safer compared to plain fluorescent and metal halides.


Full range of spectrum with the proper peaks targeted at Coral growth and fluorescence.




Code No.DescriptionLength with Extendable StandBlue LED Bulb14K LED BulbRGB LED BulbMoonlight Blue LED BulbBlue LED BulbIndigo LED BulbTotal Energy Consumption
AL475Spectra Reef 6060-80cm5W x 4pcs5W x 2pcs1.5W x 2pcs1.5W x 8pcs0.5W x 6pcs0.5W x 8pcs52W
AL476Spectra Reef 9090-110cm5W x 6pcs5W x 3pcs1.5W x 4pcs1.5W x 10pcs0.5W x 16pcs0.5W x 12pcs80W
AL477Spectra Reef 120120-140cm5W x 8pcs5W x 4pcs1.5W x 4pcs1.5W x 16pcs0.5W x 12pcs0.5W x 16pcs104W
AL478Spectra Reef 150150-170cm5W x 10pcs5W x 5pcs1.5W x 6pcs1.5W x 18pcs0.5W x 22pcs0.5W x 20pcs132W


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