Bubble Magus BP-100 Biopellet Media Reactor


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Bubble Magus BP-100 Biopellet Media Reactor

Bubble Magus created this space saving reactor design with today’s compact sumps in mind!

By hiding the pump below the body of the reactor, precious horizontal space is saved within the sump. This BP-100 Bio-pellet reactor is a superb space to utilize activated charcoal , chemical media (such as GFO or aluminum etc.) and it also can be wont to tumble biopellets!


Easy to use thumb screws allow quick access to the media and pump chambers.
Quality acrylic won’t become brittle in saltwater environments.
Reverse flow (“up flow”) design avoids media compacting.


Pump: WP600
Power Consumption: 11 Watts
Internal volume: 1.5L
Dimensions: 146*179*450mm (5.75″ x 7.04″ x17.7″H)
Capacity: Up to 300L (75 Gallons)

Please note that a finer sponge than what’s included could also be required for a few sorts of GFO (such as RowaPhos).


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