Jebao AL-120 Saltwater Aquarium LED Light 120W

Jebao AL-120 Full Spectrum Saltwater Aquarium LED Light 120W

  • AL Series Aquarium Light can perfectly imitate the natural light in the ocean.
  • It creates a natural living environment for fish, corals and other marine creatures in your aquarium.
  • Composited of 6 sets of LEDs, including white (cool white and warm white), royal blue, blue and violet(UV).
  • You may control the brightness of each LED to vividly mimic the environment under the sea, which also brings you an enjoyable aesthetic of your tank.


Power : 120W – 220V / 240V

Channels : 6

Cool White (CREE) : 4 x 2

Royal Blue (CREE) : 5 x 2

Blue (CREE) : 4 x 2

Violet (SEMILED 415) : 2 x 2

UV (SEMILED 400) : 2 x 2

Green (CREE) : 2 x 2

Red (CREE) : 2 x 2

LEDs : 42

Tank mount included.


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