Maxspect Turbine Duo 12K


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Maxspect Turbine Duo 12K

The first water pump that is configurable to the typical single input/output pump configuration as well as a dual input/output for additional flow reaching 2,400gph!

Available Output Configurations

Single IN/OUT – Flow: 1,585gph   |    Head: 12.5ft    |    Wattage: 75w
Double IN/OUT –  Flow: 3,011gph    |    Head: 11ft    |    Wattage: 115w
Combined IN/OUT –  Flow: 2,400gph    |    Head: 11.5ft    |    Wattage: 110w

For submerged applications only!


  • Expandable to TWO Outputs
  • Capable of Multiple Configurations
  • Super Efficient Performance
  • Utilizes Sine Wave Technology for Silent Operation
  • Ultra Compact Flow
  • Multi-Directional Output(s)
  • Complete with Accessories and Adapters
  • Wireless Control with easy-to-use Syna-G app*

*Maxspect Connect ICV6 and smart device are required, but not included, for wireless wifi connection and advanced controllability.


The Maxspect Turbine Duo is the first EXPANDABLE water pump available for both freshwater and marine hobbysts.

The Turbine Duo 12K is capable of pushing 1,585 GPH using a single output or, best of all, add a second impeller to the same pump and increase your flow to 3,000 GPH!  That is a total of 1,500 GPH per output.  Even better, combine the two outputs into a single output (adapter included) and get 2,400 GPH!

Versatile and Multi-purpose

The dual output design makes the Turbine Duo an ideal pump for multi-purpose applications such as a return pump(s) AND feed manifolds.  Or use the pump as a return pump AND media reactor OR chillers OR UV, etc

Compact Performance

The Turbine Duo features three (3) separate configurations. I can replace two “regular” pumps.  Break down the pump to a ultra compact powerhouse using far less space within your sump.

Outstanding Efficiency

The Turbine Duo offers high performance while consuming less energy than the competition.  It is incredibly quiet!

Complete Set of Accessories

Each Turbine Duo comes with a complete set of adapters and accessories for simple to install to almost any system right out of the box.


Type: Internal Return / Flow Pump

Max Flow: 3000gph
Max Head:11ft

Voltage: 24v DC
Wattage: 8-115w
Dimensions: 6 x 3.8 x 5.7in
Weight: lbs

Duo Output Flow Specifications

Zero Head

Max Flow: 3,000gph
Max Wattage: 115w
Max Head: 11ft

5 Ft Head 

Max Flow: 1,875gph
Max Wattage: 102w
Efficiency: 18.5 G/w

Single Output Flow Specifications

Zero Head

Max Flow: 1,585gph
Max Wattage: 75
Max Head: 12.5ft

5 Ft Head 

Max Flow: 1030gph
Max Wattage: 65w
Efficiency: 16 G/w

Combined Output Flow Specifications

Zero Head

Max Flow: 2,400gph
Max Wattage: 110w
Max Head: 11.5ft

5 Ft Head 

Max Flow: 1,532gph
Max Wattage: 95w
Efficiency: 16.3 G/w


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