Maxspect TURBINE DUO 9K Flow Pump (2500gph)


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Configure the Maxspect Duo the way you would like it!

The first pump which will be configured as a standard single output, like all other aquarium pump but also can be configured to possess two outputs for a complete flow of 2500 gallons per hour!

Silent operation
Multi-directional outputs
Multiple different configurations
Perfect for returns or closed-loops
Two individual intakes and outputs
Includes multiple adapters and accessories
Compatible with ICV6 Controller & Syna-G App

Multiple different configurations allow the Duo 9K to adapt to several different scenarios. If you would like to feed a manifold and your aquarium from one pump, the twin output configuration is ideal . Your aquarium will always get an equivalent flow, albeit you modify the flow through the equipment connected to the manifold. If you only need tons of flow, attach the Duo to Single output adapter for increased flow through one pipe. the ultimate configuration works great if you’re tight on space, you’ll actually remove one among the volutes, and by attaching the block off plate, you effectively have a compact single output pump.


DUO Output Configuration

Max Flow – 2500 GPH

Max Head – 8 FT

Wattage – 68W

Single Output Configuration

Max Flow – 2500 GPH

Max Head – 9 FT

Wattage – 45W

Combined Output Configuration

Max Flow – 2250 GPH

Max Head – 7.5 FT

Wattage – 68W

Dimensions – 4.25″ L x 2.75″ W x 4.25″ H

What’s Included?

1x Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump

1x Single Output

1x Block-Off Plate

2x Strainer Baskets

Accessory Kit

One Year Warranty


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