Red Sea Reef Energy A (CARBS Nutrition)


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Red Sea Reef Energy A is a component of a two part nutritional system for corals. along side Red Sea Energy B, this technique provides all the energy, amino acids and vitamins that corals need for growth and coloration. Red Sea Reef Energy A contains a formula of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and proteins.

Two Sizes Available


Red Sea Reef Energy Dosing Recommendations*:

Soft Corals Tank – 1 mL/25 gallons
LPS Tank – 2 mL/25 gallons
SPS – accelerated growth/mature tank – 2 mL/25 gallons
SPS – enhanced colors (low nutrient) tank – 4 mL/25 gallons

Calculate the entire water volume of your system (aquarium and sump minus live rocks, etc.). Mix Reef Energy A and B together directly for dosing.

*These doses are recommended starting points supported a well-stocked tank. Adjustments may have to be made. make certain to watch the looks of your corals for signs of overdosing – fluctuations in nitrate and phosphate levels as wells because the development of bio-film on rocks or an algae breakout are signs that dosing changes could also be necessary. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Refrigerate after opening.


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