SunSun CUV-118 UVC Clarifier Sterilizer UV Light 18W


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SunSun CUV-118 UV sterilizer 18W

Do you have algae problems in your pond? Do the algae multiply themselves under the influence of strong sunlight?

• It protects your fish against germs
• Safe and good for your fish and plants
• Provides clear water
• It purifies the pond water without the addition of chemicals
• It keeps algae, bacteria and mold formation under control
• With universal hose connections

The pond water is pressed with a pond pump through the housing, where it is channelled past the UV-light sterilizer. By means of UVC-radiation of the PL-lamp, harmful bacteria and germs are destroyed and the algae formation remains under control. The UVC-clarifier provides clear pond water within 14 days. You achieve the best result if you combine the UVC-clarifier with a biological filter.

A special insert in the inner housing of the CUV-100 ensures that the water flow moves in straight course around the UVC lamp.

Regarding koi ponds each m³ of pond water needs a 3 watt power of the UV sterilizer.

If there is a reason for assuming a high bacteria level and all your other posibilities have been exhausted then the long-term use of a UVC-clarifier for reducing the bacterial count is highly recommended. UV lamps clarify the water in the pond. Swimming algae proliferate in pond water under the influence of organic polllution very fast if exposed to strong sunlight and colour the water green. This happens especially in spring when the temperature rises and the sunshine duration increases.

UVC-pond clarifiers irradiate the water in a flow-through reactor with UV rays.The UV-C radiation destroys the swimmig algae. The algae agglutinate to large particles and ca be easily removed by means of mechanical filtering.
Our UVC clarifiers modify the tertiary and the quaternary structure of the algae proteins by means of UV-radiation. This means the destructions of the algae which can be removed from the water by pond filters.

Ocasionally you can hear the argument a UVC-clarifier is unnatural. Although this is right in principle, the statement is not convincing as a counter-argument, because from this point of view every pond filter or the whole aquarium is “unnatural”. Fish kept with a clarifier are said to grow soft and fall ill immediately after being put into other water. Firstly, that is not true, and secondly it could also be argued that a biological pond filter is harmful and a a relatively high nitrite content would contribute to the fish’s strengthening. Quite the opposite. In fact a UVC-clarifier helps balancing the natural biotope of the aquarium environment.

The life span of the UVC-light source varies between 7.000 and 10.000 operating hours. We recommend changing the light source and cleaning the quartz glass of the UV-lamp at the start of the season, when the water temperature of your pond rises. The flowing water is purged of harmful bacteria and germs. The reduction of germs has no negative effect on the pond’s microclimate because bacteria settle themselves on stones, the filtration surface and in the whole pond system for reducing pollutants and they can reproduce themselves. The UV-lamp can maintain the total microbial content of the water in near -natural proportions.

The water circulates through the two inlets of the UVC-clarifier and in the process all impurities like algae, bacteria or parasites are reduced. The more this circuit is maintained the more effective is the germ reduction.

SunSun UVC-devices are cheap for all performance areas.
All UVC water clarifiers are delivered with light source and stepped hosetails.

• Wall mount
• Long working life
• Special UV lamp confers the clarifier a long life span

According to the VDE Directive all electrical devices must be installed at 2 m safety distance from the water.


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