Zetlight ZA-1201 Marine LED Light

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The perfect light for pico reef tanks now with remote and dual optical lenses!

Recommended Spread – 12″ x 10″

Zetlight ZA-1201

Best suitable for NANO Reef Tank

High quality acrylic framework makes the light fixture with better light transmission and more fashionable outlook. The material has strong weather resistance, high temperature resistance and good hardness. With this design, different accessories can be used with it to make the light fixture more flexible.

With black aluminum board made from highly heat radiating aluminum material and unique heat radiating sheet structure, the heat problem of highly bright LED can be easily solved.

It consists of 21 White light beads, 7 Blue, 4 Red and 4 Green. The total power is 16 watts. It is controlled by two bands, once can illume all lights to simulate daytime effect while the other can illume blue light to simulate moonlight effect.


  • Model: ZA 1201
  • Dimention: 32 × 12.8 × 9.5cm
  • White LED: 0.5w x 21 pcs
  • Blue LED: 0.5w x 7 pcs
  • Red LED: 0.6w x 4 pcs
  • Green LED: 0.6w x 4 pcs
  • Lumens: 1070 LM
  • Color Temp for White Color: 12000K
  • Wavelength for Blue LED: 450 – 485 NM

Suitable for Tank Size

  • Minimum: 12x12x12″
  • Maximum: 20x20x20″

Key features & highlights

  • Energy Saving.
  • Ultrathin Design, fashionable and beautiful.
  • Super long Lifespan.
  • Light can be switched for day or night time.
  • Adjustable bracket allows you to have 3 different levels of height between the fixture and water level.


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