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ZETLIGHT ZT6300 QMAVEN LED 96W Plant Grow Led Light

The Zetlight ZT6300 LED lighting lets you toggle between 5 time periods, simulating the lighting conditions of sunrise to sunset for your aquarium. It can also simulate the diffusing reflections of moonlight on your aquarium.

The 5 time period settings are dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset, night time, and light off time. In each period, hobbyists can adjust the brightness independently and combine different wavelengths to their favorable spectrum.

With Zetlight ZT6300 LED lighting, your aquarium will be one step closer to nature.


  • Max Tank Size: (120 x 70 x 100cm)
  • Power: 75W
  • Lumens: 4150 LM
  • 6 white LED 8000K
  • 1 group of multi-chip 410-630nm
  • Ultra-thin outline
  • Energy saving
  • Smart fan, exact temperature sense and regulation
  • Fully automatic spectrum configuration change
  • Provide all kinds of light spectrum demanded by creatures
  • Full light spectrum of nature ecosystem
  • Simulate dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset and night time
  • 1 million configurations of lighting mode
  • Moonlight mode that simulate diffusing reflection of moonlight

1 review for ZETLIGHT ZT6300 QMAVEN LED 96W PLANTED Led Light

  1. Elmo

    The Mars 600W LED can easily cowl an area of 2.5 x 2.0 ft,
    and it’s best suited for a 39″ x 39″ x 70″ grow tent.

    My webpage: Succulent Alley

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